Do It Yourself Basement Finishing

Most home owners think that finishing their basements are additional costs, but with the help of do it yourself basement finishing, you won’t have to spend a lot. Basement finishing can drastically improve and increase the living area in your home. In this article, you will learn how to maximize the space and make an area conducive for whatever purpose you would like your basement to serve.

Do It Yourself Basement Finishing: Before Starting Your Project

Careful planning is important in following the steps to finishing a basement. Formulate a construction plan by establishing your objectives. Know what type of living area you want to transform your basement into. Determine your budget and the things you want to include in your living area.

Since excavation work is hardly needed, building permits are no longer necessary. However, a design plan for your basement is important. Basement design plans include sketching a blue print of your basement floor plans and defining the size, shape, and the use of a certain room or area.

Do It Yourself Basement Finishing: Things to Consider

To make your basement look more warm and delightful, proper lighting is a must. Natural lighting can be achieved through the help of windows. Lighting ideas like halogen lighting are good, too, since they add more appeal to the room.

Having appropriate basement flooring is important, too. Before working on flooring, make sure that the moisture issues have been addressed. There are do it yourself basement finishing techniques like the French drain that address these kinds of problems. After that, you can start on looking at flooring options such as hard wood floors, or carpeting.

Another major concern is the ceiling height. Most people use dropped ceiling because the framework is very light and it’s extremely easy and quick to install although dropped ceiling can reduce ceiling height. You can also use drywall ceiling which is able to conserve the height of the ceiling.                                                                                                                                                                                     

Your basement can be highly utilized by finishing it. Just remember these steps to finishing a basement including all the things to consider when finishing your basement. The key to successful do it yourself basement finishing is careful planning and proper knowledge.

Your basement is the foundation and an integral part of your home so before you launch into any major work on it, make sure you find out everything you need to know or else it can be long, painful and expensive.  Don't jump into it before visiting steps to finishing a basement.  It's the number one resource on the internet.